This article is about how you can upgrade from the personal Thrive Membership level to the Agency Thrive Membership level. For single purchase upgrades, please follow these instructions.

Here are the steps for upgrading:

1) Please make sure you are logged in to your Thrive Themes account. Go here to log in.​

2) Go to the Thrive homepage and select the new membership plan you want to subscribe to. (Alternatively, go here). In this step, you do the same thing you would do if you made a new purchase as a non-member. You simply purchase the new plan you want.

3) On the checkout page, please wait for a few seconds, as your discount rate will automatically be calculated and applied. You will get a discount, based on the subscription you currently have and the time that has expired since your last payment.*

4) Proceed with the purchase at your discounted rate.​

Once the new payment is made, your upgrade is complete.

*As an example, if you have a subscription for $200/year and your last payment was 6 months ago, your discount amount would be $100. This is equivalent to the "unused" part of your last subscription payment. This ensures that you aren't ever over-paying when upgrading your license.​