Sometimes when you upload your plugin to your site you might receive an error message that looks like this:-


This usually occurs when either the PHP memory limit or max post size for Wordpress has been reached.

The easiest workaround for this is to upload the zip file for the plugin through FTP using something like FileZilla as your FTP client. To do this you need to unzip the Hybrid Connect zip file that you download from the member's area.

Then you'll need to upload the folder "hybridconnect" to YOUR_WP_INSTALL/wp-content/plugins/. So if you installed Wordpress on then you'd need to upload the "hybridconnect" folder to

Here is a great tutorial for doing exactly this:

Alternatively you'll need to change a number of settings either on Wordpress or on your web host.  This thread is very useful as a guideline for what to do when this occurs.

Still Having Problems?

If you've tried both the above solutions and you're still having problems then I recommend that you contact the support department for your web hosting company and send them this message:-

"I'm having difficulty uploading a Wordpress plugin on my site

I believe that the reason is because the max_upload_filesize setting for PHP is not big enough for me to upload the plugin. The plugin is just shy of 10MB in size.

Could you advise me as to whether I can override the php.ini settings on my hosting account or is this something you need to do for me? If you could provide me with some step-by-step instructions to follow that would be very much appreciated"