Reason 1 - Facebook App Not Set Up

The most common reason for connectors not being displayed on the site is incorrect Facebook App settings (even if you're using form only connectors, we still need you to connect to a valid Facebook App for Hybrid Connect to work!). Either the Facebook App hasn't been set up at all, or the site URL setting in the Facebook app is incorrect. Update: in version 1.42 we now set the site URL automatically for you when you create your app.

Hybrid Connect won't show any opt in forms on your web site if we can't connect to your Facebook app. The one way of checking that we can connect to your App is to go into the "Setup" page in the Hybrid Connect plugin dashboard and then click the button that says "Verify Facebook App Settings":-

If your app settings are correct then you'll see a table that contains all the Facebook app details (see the screenshot above). If your Facebook app settings are incorrect then you'll see something that looks like the following:-

When this happens it means that your App ID and App secret are incorrect.

Sometimes this may happen if you have an extra one or two hidden characters in the App ID and App Secret fields. You may want to put your cursor at the end of the text and press delete a few times to make sure that there aren't any erroneous characters hidden that are causing the API connection to fail.

Beyond this, I'd suggest setting up a new app by following the instructions here:-

Reason 2 - Conflicts

There are thousands of different themes and plugins available on Wordpress and while we do our very best to make Hybrid Connect compatible with as many as possible, we will inevitably have instances where the are conflicts. Often this occurs when plugin / theme developers haven't included scripts the correct way using the standards that Wordpress recommends.

You can check to see if there are any conflicts on the page simply by hitting f12 in your browser and navigating to what's called the console. You can do this in any browser, but for sake of illustration I'll use Chrome to show you what it looks like (also, Chrome does tend to have the most comprehensive set of tools for this).

If your connectors aren't showing up as expected when you load a page on your blog, hit f-12, navigate to the console and see if you any errors are reported (like in the screenshot above).

If you do find Javascript errors like that then you'll need to raise a ticket at the support desk with your wp-admin username and password and we'll look at this for you.

Below are known Themes or Plugins that also cause this issue.


Name Version Developer


1.0.0 Toan Nguyen Minh
Mountain Creek 1.0 Gorilla Themes 
Averin 2.1 Ethan McKenzie
Shaka  (parent theme) Justin Young
MiniBuzz3 3.0.2 templatesquare


Name Version Developer
Social Media Counters 1.1.2 Phil Hancox
Asynchronous Javascript 1.3.2 Paris Holley
W3 Total Cache  (If js minify is enabled, disable js minify to fix the issue) Frederick Townes
1.2.5 (does not show forms on homepage) Monjurul Dolon
Autoptimize 1.6.4 Frank Goossens (futtta)
Floating Social 1.6.1 raggedrobins (Incsub), Ve Bailovity (Incsub)
Viral Rating Maximizer 1.7 Maximizer Advantage
WP Socializer Aakash Chakravarthy
Ultimate Footer 2 Ultimate Footer
WP deferred javascript 1.5.6

Willy Bahuaud, Daniel Roch 

WPaudio 3.1

Af Todd Iceton 

Facebook Members
5.1 App Shah
X-Facebook Comments 1.0.0 Themeco

Reason 3 - Browser Extensions

We use different types of browser  and install different extensions on each, and sometimes extensions cause errors as to why connectors aren't displaying on your site.

Below are some extensions that has been proven to cause this issue


Name Version


Name Version
 Avast Security Extension  

Reason 4 - PC/Mac Application

We've listed applications that may cause the form not to show on your site, 

Below are some of the application that has been proven to cause this issue