There are two ways to integrate Hybrid Connect with your mailing list and depending on which one you choose, setting the thank you page is slightly different.

Common Method: HTML Form Integration

The typical and universal way to integrate Hybrid Connect with your autoresponder is by copy-pasting an HTML form code generated by your autoresponder. To do so, click on the "Connect" button in the "Mailing List" column:

In the window that opens, select the "Custom form code" radio button (1), then paste the HTML form from your autoresponder into the field (2) and select whether you want to to collect only emails or names and emails (3):

When using this method, the thank you page is determined by your autoresponder. When you set up the HTML form, most autoresponders give you a choice between generic thank you pages or a custom URL. Whatever you set up in your autoresponder will apply to the connector as well.

Alternative Method: API Integration

If you create an API integration, setting the thank you page is also done in the settings in the "Mailing List" column:

Next, select the "Connect through API" radio button (1), select the autoresponder service (2) (if you have several API integrations, several options will be shown) and select the thank you page from the drop down menu (3). Finally, also make the selection of whether to show name and email or only email fields in your forms(4):

With the API integration, you'll be able to choose any page on your WordPress site as a custom thank you page. If you want to direct to a URL on a different site or want to show a generic thank you page provided by the autoresponder service, use the HTML form integration method.