The next step is to create a Facebook application, to use with Hybrid Connect. This sounds way more complicated than it is, luckily. Creating a Facebook app for this plugin takes less than a minute to do. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to create a separate Facebook application for each domain you want to use Hybrid Connect on. For example, if you have three websites with Hybrid Connect installed and you want to use Hybrid Connect with the Facebook features on each one, you'll need to create three separate Facebook apps.

Here's how:

First, go to You need to be logged into a regular Facebook account to be able to access the functions on this page, so in case you aren't, make sure you log in to Facebook.

Next, simply click on the "Create New App" button in the top right corner:

Create App, Step 1

A small box pops up and in there, you can enter a name for your app:

Naming the App

You can call it anything you like. I usually give it a functional name like the one shown in the screenshot, so that I can keep separate Hybrid Connect apps for different domains apart from each other. You can leave the App Namespace field blank and you can also ignore the Web Hosting option. Next, click on the "Continue" button.

Now, you'll have to solve a captcha code, to complete the creation of your app.

You'll now see the settings page for your app. There are two entries we need to make. Add the domain name for the site with Hybrid Connect installed in the "App Domains" field (please note this should not include http:// or www.). Also select "Website With Facebook Login" and enter the URL (this field should include http://) of the site with Hybrid Connect installed:


A setting you can optionally change is the logo image of your app. You can simply click on the generic logo image to upload a new one of your own:


This image will be shown in the pop-up window that asks for a confirmation, whenever someone clicks on a Facebook connect button. You can add your site logo, an image of yourself or whatever else you want. Or you can just leave it the way it is, as most people will only see it for a fraction of a second anyway.

Now, simply copy the App ID and App Secret keys from the settings page for your Facebook app to the setup for your Hybrid Connect plugin:


FB keys

Go here:

Hybrid Setup Keys

Now, click on the "Update" button to complete the setup.

Note that sometimes, it can take a few minutes for your Facebook app to become active. If you create the Facebook app, enter the keys in Hybrid Connect and get an error message, just wait for a few minutes and then re-try.