If you've just uploaded the plugin via FTP and notice that the plugin is not in the installed lists on your dashboard, then the files you've uploaded is not correct.

In order to fix this, we have to determine what files did you upload. 

If the file you've uploaded is a .zip, then that will not show on the lists, below are list to check whether you've uploaded the correct folder/file in your server

(A) Make sure you've unzipped the file and upload the folder "hybridconnect". After upload, the file structure will be /wp-content/plugins/hybridconnect/hybridconnet.php

(B) If the file you've downloaded is HybridConnect.zip then you have to unzip it and check the zip file hybridconnect.zip and follow step A

If you still can't see the plugin on the list, please contact support so we can assist.