Viral Quiz Builder works and only shows 1 question at a time, so if you see all questions shown on your quiz, there is a problem in your site. 

It might be a theme or plugin conflict. 

We have listed plugins or themes that conflict with VQB for reference. If you have found one or more plugins listed below and is active on your site, this might be the reason of error.

Below are the plugins that conflict with VQB

Plugin Version Developer
Better WordPress Minify
1.2.2 Khang Minh
WP Optimum ELite 1.0.1
KME Byrne

If you can't find any plugins that is listed here and still having the issue, you can deactivate your plugins one by one and see if the quiz is working. Also, try deactivating your current theme and changing to WordPress default. Check if that fixes the problem.

If the issue still exists and you've tried the solutions above, please contract support and we'll be happy to assist you.